In the beginning…

It was just me (Ruby) & Kyle. We technically are high school sweethearts, but as with any relationship, the road certainly wasn’t paved for us. We have done our fair share of soul searching together and apart.

We were actually traveling across Australia in 2009 when we realized that we were going to have a child. At this point, I had been traveling abroad for well over a year. We hadn’t envisioned children in our future, and were at a bit of a loss. Our plans to tour across Asia when Kyle’s Australian visa expired were kiboshed.

We worked hard those next few months to buy plane tickets back to Canada and figure everything out. It was a bit of a stressful chaotic mess until the moment Gaia entered our lives. It was then that we realized that life often provides us with the best gifts right when you don’t think you are in need of them. I guess you can say the rest is history.

Where did Wide Open World come from?

The idea for this blog came to me several years ago while camping across Alaska & the Yukon with Gaia (who was then 2 years old). I booked time off work, packed our SUV full of gear, and off we went. Before leaving, I had my aprehensions because there was a lack of resources for family travel throughout the North. Once we began our journey, my aprehension was eased and I realized there was a serious demand for family travel journalism.

 “by connecting with the Earth we develop a love for it, and when you love something you want to take care of it.”


More about the team


ruby hogg
writer, Photographer, content creator

Hi! I’m Ruby. I mostly spend my time outside trying to take nice pictures while chasing an 8 year old and a husky around. Sometimes my husband will step in to help, but mostly he just laughs at us. Roughly 90% of the what you see on here is created by me, and I head all social media.

I am a retired makeup artist turned storyteller. I believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I also love to cook, and even more so love to eat, but writing about food it turns out, isn’t quite my specialty.

While some family travel specialists cover amusement parks- I see nature as our playground. Our articles focus on undiscovered gems, unique environments, and towns that will leave you breathless.


8 year old adventurer

Gaia is a rad old soul. She loves music (some good, and some terrible if you were to ask her mum) and hopes to be a marine biologist someday. Her superpower is that she will eat anything which is handy when on the road.

Her favourite sports are biking, hiking, and basketball. So far, winter sports have been a tough sell but we are hoping that she’ll come around.

Her classmates and friends describe her as kind and fun, and she is generally known to be the neutral party.


the husband

Kyle is a total family man and the “fixer”. His talents include miraculously being able to play any instrument he can get his hands on, and gluing broken things back together. He has a competitive streak in him which makes family game night a rowdy event.

He does most of the drone work for the blog, but is slowly showing more interest in the art of photography.




  • Favourite food: ANYTHING WITH CARBS

  • Most remote place visited: BURUNDI

  • Most humbling experience: BEING STEVEN TYLER’S MAKEUP ARTIST

  • Total Countries visited: 19

  • Camera of choice: SONY A7Riii

  • Scariest accomplishment: BUNGEE JUMPING



  • Favourite food: BREAD

  • Most remote place visited: HYDER, ALASKA

  • Most humbling experience: SWIMMING WITH SHARKS AND STINGRAYS

  • Total Countries visited: 8

  • Camera of choice: GOPRO HERO 7




  • Favourite food: BACON

  • Most remote place visited: FORT CHIPEWYAN, CANADA

  • Most humbling experience: BEING A HUSBAND & FATHER. DAVE GROHL SAID IT BEST

  • Total countries visited: 12

  • Camera of choice: DJI MAVIC PRO