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About Us


Ruby, co-founder
Writer, Photographer, & Website Wizard

Ruby is the kind of friend that will sprinkle a little adventure into your life. A devoted mother and wife, she is very passionate about sharing the world of family travel.

Where some family travel specialists cover amusement parks, she sees nature as her playground. Her articles cover undiscovered gems, unique environments, and towns around the world that will leave you breathless.

A retired makeup artist turned photographer and writer, it’s apparent that she lives a creative lifestyle. She also loves to cook, and even more so loves to eat, but writing about food, it turns out, isn’t quite her specialty.

When not traveling, she spends most of her time in Valemount, B.C with her husband, daughter, and pup.

So grab a cup of tea, sit down, and plan your next adventure with us.

Tamey, co-founder

To say that Tamey has a taste for adventure would be an understatement. Rarely will you meet someone with such an infectious appreciation for life. Unique to Tamey, is an indomitable spirit of positivity. She has a way about her, that brings out the best in people she meets in her travels. Growing up in a small town in the Rocky Mountains infused her with a passion for nature and an admiration for outdoor activities. Her daring spirit radiates and one can’t help but want to follow her adventures.

Over time, Tamey started receiving messages from friends with questions on how to find the locations that she explored. With this blog, she aims to make accessing the great outdoors as uncomplicated as possible.

She currently resides between Valemount, and Kamloops B.C.