A weekend at the Dave Henry Lodge


Last summer we were invited to stay at the Dave Henry Lodge near Valemount, BC. It was a bit different from our usual self-inflating foamies, jet boil, and 3-person tent. While I would never knock our Big Agnes, I must say, the change was welcomed. In fact, the large cabin with several beds, a nice propane stove, a huge dining area and a cozy fire felt like pure luxury.


While you can access Dave Henry cabin by helicopter, a few of us opted for the more adventurous route- hiking a whole swarm of kids in. With children in our group from ages 1 - 10 this was no small feat. First we drove several kilometers to the offload. Once there, we unloaded our ATVs and continued by ATV for several more kilometers. After all of this, it was yet another several km hike to reach the cabin.

The hike in was beautiful and the climb so gradual that I didn't actually believe when our guide told us how much elevation we had gained. Besides the odd "are we there yet" and roughly one teary eyed breakdown, the hike was a smooth success.


THE lodge

I don't mean to brag, but the cabin was amazing. As we neared the end of the trail, it opened up to reveal the lodge nestled neatly by a series of mystical looking lakes. We arrived just as the helicopter set down with the last of our friends and all of our food. The sun drove down on us and the kids were buzzing with excitement.

Walking inside the lodge's welcoming walls I immediately felt relaxed. The laughter of children drifted towards us as we unloaded our packs and settled in.


One of the perks about flying to a remote lodge is that helicopters can bring a heck of a lot more food than you would pack on your back. Thanks to some dear friends, our trip was outfitted with some serious fine dining. As a group we chose to meal plan and all took turns cooking, but this lodge also offers the option of catered trips.


Prepare yourself for the funnest sleepover ever. The lodge is efficiently set up with the common areas being downstairs, while the entire upper floor is dedicated to sleeping quarters. It is "divided" into semi-private areas by thin partial walls. After a long day playing outdoors, crawling into my bed on the first night was honestly pretty heavenly. 

the activities

Of course, we just happened to visit on a rare rainy weekend. Luckily, we were able to make the best of it and the rain didn't bother us. Our skilled guide was able to keep us entertained the whole time (although I do admit, we were so in awe of our surroundings that it probably wasn't a very difficult job).

During the day we adventured around the lakes, hiked up into the mountains, fished, and relaxed by the fire. At night after the kids went to bed we kicked back with a glass of wine and watched the stars.



Access: Winter & Summer.
Helicopter, hike or ski

Options: Catered, guided, self-catered, self-guided

Heat type: Wood Stove

Cooking area: Full kitchen- outdoor natural refrigeration, propane stove, sink.
There is a nearby creek for water access. 

Amenities: Sauna.

More details: Dave Henry Lodge

Author's Note: All the photos in this article were taken by Ruby during the Fall trip to Dave Henry Lodge.

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