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Why The Yukon is the Best Place to Travel and a bit of Myth Busting

I feel blessed to have been brought up in such a beautiful country. Technically, the Yukon is British Columbia's neighbour so one would think that it really isn't that big of a deal to head on over, but any way you look at it, it is a 1-4 day drive to get there. Just from our little community in central BC (technically, our town is categorized as "Northern BC" but is centrally located) it's a 2000km drive to Whitehorse. That's a lot of driving... Flying to Whitehorse and then renting a car is a great option for those of us who don’t have time to drive there.

why is the Yukon so amazing? Isn't it buggy? Isn't it cold?

Myth #1: It's always cold.

Nope!! I mean, it can definitely get cold, especially in the winter. That being said, June-July temperatures usually average 20 C degrees, which certainly isn’t tropical, but I wouldn’t consider cold. I am lucky because both times that we've visited was during a heat wave and the daily highs easily reached 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Myth #2: It's extremely buggy.

Okay, so there is truth to this myth. It can be buggy. But you can time it so you miss most of them. Late May-Mid July is usually the worst time for bugs all across Western Canada. From my limited experience, I've hardly seen any mosquitos, black flies, or horse flies (all visits being in July).

Myth #3: The roads are full of potholes.

I can't speak for ALL of the roads in the Yukon, but most of the ones that I drove on were great. Not only that, but with so few cars traveling the roads, we hardly ever had problems with traffic. The only things we had to stop for were bison and bear.


So why go?

Unparalleled Beauty

I could write a book about how special and gorgeous this place is, but nothing compares to seeing it in person.

Resourceful People

With a total population of 38,000 people for the entire 482,443km^2, it’s necessary to be self sustaining and not rely on exterior resources. Thankfully, these people have it nailed, and are more than welcome to share their knowledge with you.

Adventures Galore

Almost any activity you can think of, they have you covered. Biker? Hunter? Camper? Skier? This is your heaven.

Culture, History, Art, Music

The Yukon is rich with history, and the territory does a fantastic job of preservation.

Hardly any other tourists

If you want to be standing on the top of a mountain and keeping the views entirely to yourself, then this should be your next vacation. While biking in Carcross, we hardly ever crossed another soul on the trails. When paddle boarding on Chilkoot Lake, (technically in Alaska), we were the only boaters on the water. There was never bumper to bumper traffic, and the Yukon truly offered us a sense of how grand the world is.