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Hot Water on Cold Days

This has been the coldest winter we've had in the past few years. With a number of cold snaps, frozen water lines, moody vehicle start ups and the fact that it hurts my face to walk outside, its been pretty difficult to embrace the winter months. Naturally people love hide indoors and sit by the warm fire, wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a hot cup of tea. But if you're willing to brave the cold for just 30 minutes, you can do this fun little hot water project outside. Plus it makes for the coolest photos! All you need is some hot water, a wide mouthed thermos and -22°C weather (the colder the better). 

The experiment was to throw hot water into the air and have it magically turn into "snow". We saw it all over social media and decided to give it a try. We packed up a coleman camping stove and boiled the water right at the marsh. It's really quite simple, all you have to do is fill a wide mouthed thermos full of boiling hot water and throw it in the air in a circular motion. Water will probably fall on your face, but don't worry, it's normally lukewarm by the time it hits you. With this being said, please be careful and use common sense. It took us a few practice runs to finally achieve the perfect circle and snap the right photo.

The end results are beautiful. 

Check it out in slow motion!

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