Paddleboarding: A Sport for All Ages and All Seasons


So often we are told it is the journey, not the destination. While I absolutely agree, you can also totally enjoy both. The four places featured below are: Kinbasket Lake, Moraine Lake, Lac Beauvert, and Kinney Lake. Each place is as unique not only in location, but in story.

All paddling is done on my inflatable paddleboard by NRS. It is sturdy, compact and easy to transport.


Kinbasket Lake, Valemount, B.C.

Kinbasket lake is a favourite place close to home that we like to visit rain or shine (as you will see). Sometimes the moodiest days make for the most interesting photos. I threw in a photo of some family canoeing too, because why not. This lake is not recommended for beginners.


Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Alberta

Our paddle at Moraine Lake happened through a series of random events. We were driving back from a paragliding birthday trip (coming soon on the blog) and ended up getting stuck behind a road closure. Instead of waiting in line for the next few hours, we decided to double back to the lake and take my new paddleboard for a spin. Moral of the story? Always keep an inflatable paddleboard in your truck in case of emergencies ;).


Lac Beauvert, Jasper, Alberta

A "you gotta see it to believe it" kind of place. It's small, and doesn't have a beach so it's not as busy as the other Jasper lakes. A great starting place for those beginner paddlers in your life. Depending on where you are on the lake, it is various shades of blue and green.


Kinney Lake, Mt. Robson, British Columbia

We had planned this trip a couple of days in advance, and of course when we woke up it was snowing. My girlfriend called me and said "Are we still going?" Of course we were. One doublewide chariot, 4 km, and a few snacks later, we made it to the lake for the first snowfall.