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JUNE 2017


Follow Natasha and I while we bike tour from Ontario to The East Coast of Canada!

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Hey everyone! Below is our unofficial itinerary of where we plan on biking between June 5th - July 7th. This is just to give the people around us an idea of where we are and approximately what dates to expect us. Keeping in mind that things like weather, injury, and mechanical issues may alter our arrival dates - but hopefully everything is smooth sailing! If you know someone on this route who would allow us to set up our tent in their backyard or even offer a quick shower - we would be so grateful! Also, if you know of anything near this route that we must check out, please let one of us know.

We are open to suggestions, tips, and tricks - anything that might make this journey a bit easier. This is my first long distance tour trip and only Natasha's second trip. So feel free to comment below!

June 5th - June 16th.

June 5th - June 16th.

  • June 5: North Bay, ON Huntsville, ON (128KM)

  • June 6: Huntsville, ON Washago, ON (90KM)

  • June 7-9: Washago, ON Burketon, ON (113KM) - Quick visit with the in-laws in Burketon, Ontario.

  • June 10: Burketon, ON Presqu'ile Provincial Park, ON (103KM)

  • June 11: Presqu'ile Provincial Park, ON Kingston, ON (122KM)

  • June 12: Kingston, ON Brockville, ON (81KM)

  • June 13: Brockville, ON Cornwall, ON (101KM)

  • June 14-16: Cornwall, ON Montreal, QC (129KM) - Take a break in Montreal, Quebec.

June 18th - June 25th.

June 18th - June 25th.

  • June 17: Montreal, QC Mont-Orford National Park, QC (140KM)

  • June 18: Mont-Orford National Park, QC Woburn, QC (121KM)

  • June 19: Woburn, QC Kingfield, ME, USA (87KM) - Border crossing.

  • June 20: Kingfield, ME, USA Dexter, ME, USA (90KM)

  • June 21: Dexter, ME, USA Lincoln, ME, USA (82KM)

  • June 22: Lincoln, ME, USA Vanceboro, ME, USA (110KM)

  • June 23: Vanceboro, ME, USA Fredericton, NB (86KM) - Border crossing.

  • June 24-25: Fredericton, NB Minto, NB (56KM) - Quick visit with family in Minto, New Brunswick.

June 26th - July 7th.

June 26th - July 7th.

  • June 26: Minto, NB Moncton, NB (130KM)

  • June 27: Moncton, NB Cape Traverse, PEI (116KM)

  • June 28-29: Cape Traverse, PEI Murray Harbour, PEI (134KM) - Visit with Natasha's friend, Leah.

  • June 30: Murray Harbour, PEI Lower Barneys River, NS (106KM) - KM's include the ferry ride.

  • July 1: Lower Barneys River, NS Creignish, NS (112KM)

  • July 2: Creignish, NS Chéticamp, NS (127KM)

  • July 3: Chéticamp, NS MacIntosh Brook, NS (45KM) - Skyline Trail Hike 8.7KM Loop.

  • July 4: MacIntosh Brook, NS Ingonish Beach (68KM)

  • July 5: Ingonish Beach Sydney, NS (114KM)

  • July 6: Relax

  • July 7: Catch a flight from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Kamloops, British Columbia (Natasha will be flying home to Ontario).

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