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Last Minute Father's Day Gifts For the Outdoorsman in Your Life Under $100

If you're anything like me, you just realized today that Father's Day is this Sunday. Luckily, I've been working on a post of Father's Day gifts. The best part? They are all under $100.00 and available from MEC which offers fast reasonable shipping. 

1. Outdoor Knife

Photo: MEC.ca

Photo: MEC.ca


You can never have enough knives. The Opinel #8 Outdoor Knife is a great one to just throw in the glove box of your truck or first aid kit. It's light, equipped with a whistle a flat edge and a serrated edge. There are some that run quite a bit cheaper ($18+) but are made of wood and don't have the serrated edge. Still they are a bargain price for a decent knife.


2. Dry Bags

Packing secret: Dry bags . When camping I always keep my food in one bag, my first aid in another, and my clothes in yet another. Keeping your gear in smaller bags makes living out of a backpack almost bearable. Dry bags can be used for canoe trips, kayaking, a day at the beach, any place that your gear could come into contact with water. Stuff sacks can also be used for similar function but are not waterproof. 


3. Portable Hammock

Photo: MEC.ca

Photo: MEC.ca


Who doesn't love kicking back in a comfortable hammock? Hammocks like the Therm-a-Rest Double Hammock fit two people up to a total of 400lbs, compact into a small bag, are easy to set up, and will take your next outdoor adventure to next level relaxation. If a double hammock isn't your jam, there are also single hammocks as well as a wide array of accessories on the website.


4. AeroPress Coffeemaker

Coffee snobs everywhere rejoice! It's now possible to have quality brewed coffee anywhere. The aeropress is both light and portable for camping use. For daily commuters, the GSI commuter Java is another solid choice.


5. Copper Shot Glasses

Photo: MEC.ca

Photo: MEC.ca


Novelty time! Wow your guests with these fun little shot glasses or take them on your next adventure.


6. Hiking Socks

Remember when we were little and the last thing we wanted were socks and underwear for Christmas? How times have changed... Lots of men can't stomach dropping $15-$30 on a pair of socks, so do it for them. For those of you who haven't used a good quality pair of hiking socks- they are pretty life changing.


7. Saxx boxers

Same goes for underwear. A good pair of underwear makes all the difference. Saxx have pretty great reviews and come in an array of patterns and colours but you can never go wrong with black. 


8. Slackline

Photo: MEC.ca

Photo: MEC.ca


Slacklines are fun for the whole family. While they are a bit too heavy to take on your next backpacking trip- they are great for car camping or even setting up in your backyard. 


and we wish a very Happy Father's Day to all of those hardworking guys out there from all of us at wide open world.