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I Quit my Job


I have always been the type of person that preaches to not let a job dictate your life. Reality is a little different though. When introducing yourself to new friends, one of the first questions that always comes up is, "what do you do?" Whether the question is meant as a casual conversation filler, or a peek into your character, it's always there.

I've heard myself tell my friends over and over, "if you're truly unhappy, and you've gone through the process to improve your work environment and it still doesn't work, then resign." From an outside perspective, it seems so simple- but I've always hesitated when it came to my own resignation.

It's funny though, my first worry is always, "what will they do without me?" But the truth is, as much as I like to consider myself a quality worker, and a vital part of any job- they functioned fine before I was hired, and they will function fine after I'm gone. 

The other questions that filter through my mind are "What will I do for money," "who will replace me," and "will my employers be resentful?" I've mulled these questions over enough that I've finally come up with these answers.

-What will I do for money? I am of the school of thought that if you are a dedicated and motivated worker, something will always come up. So perhaps a little karma, a little faith, a little foolishness, a little sacrifice and hard work, but in the end it works out.
- Who will replace me? Someone who is better suited for the job. 
- Will my employers be resentful? No, of course not! We are all just trying to do what's best for us in life. Perhaps they may show some negative feelings due to stress, but none of it is actually directed at you. And you know what, if they actually are resentful, they are likely someone you don't want to work for anyway.

With this particular position, I could sense the job wasn't the right fit for me with each passing day. That's not to say it isn't a good job, it will be a great job for someone else! I went through all of the steps: talking to my employer, trying to improve my work environment, etc. but in the end, I could feel my work ethic slipping between each key on the keyboard. I could feel the cloud of work hovering around my head as I left the office for the day. I just knew it wasn't right. 

So I put in my resignation.

To my surprise, when I told my friends and acquaintances, they all replied with,"good for you." They replied with positivity and support, as if I had completed this great task. They encouraged me because I was taking care of myself. I am grateful for this. A few people said, "It's too bad it didn't work out," but essentially, everyone had my best interests in mind. It's a beautiful thing. 

It is tough trying to figure out your life path. Balancing career, lifestyle, self-care, family can all be a little overwhelming. Considering such a large part of our lives is spent in a work environment, make it one that brings a little light into your world. 


Featured photo is of Bear Glacier near Stewart, B.C.