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Making Lasting Memories with Family Photos



I love going through old photo albums. Leafing through photos of my grandma and recognizing the subtle similarities between her and my dad. Or looking back at my mom's old travel photos with her perched on a fountain sporting long hair and bellbottoms.

I cherish these moments captured in time. They inspire me to create memories for my own daughter to sift through on a rainy day with a warm tea and a blanket wrapped around her, nostalgia encompassing the room.

Being the photography-loving person I am, I often am found with camera in hand. This generally means that the photos of Gaia and Kyle far outnumber the photos with me in them (it's almost always the mom who doesn't make the cut). To rectify this, we do the yearly (ish) "dreaded family photos" except the only thing is- we don't dread them, not even a little.



Sometimes we get nice, natural family photos and other years we go with a theme. We can be a little eccentric and spend a little too much time prop/costume building before each shoot.

The one thing that every year does have in common is that we hire a photographer. This is highly recommended and I promise you won't regret it. Realistically there are a few reasons why one might not be able to hire a pro (price point, availability, you're not comfortable with someone else taking your photo) in that case, buy a tripod and a remote and give that an attempt. But please, please don't wait until you've lost the weight or your son's tooth has grown in because there will always be something else stopping you.


How To Choose A Photographer

Okay, so you've decided that you want to have some family photos done. You've bribed your kids and your significant other (maybe even the dog). Now what?

  1.  Browse the internet, ask your friends for referrals, and find your photographer.
  2. Look at their portfolio- I cannot stress this enough. Most photographers have a style. They have a type of photography that they excel at, and then a style of photo that they curate. Some photographers are better with children, some are great with indoor, some are awesome action photographers.
  3. Equally as important, look at the mood of their photos. Do you want punchy photos? Dark and moody? Ethereal? Make sure your photographer is a good match to your desired outcome.
  4. Research package prices and availability. Contact the photographers, they're more than happy to answer your questions.
  5. "Costume build" or as most people call it, wardrobe styling. The colours and styles that you wear actually have a huge impact on the photo. Optional: this is also when you would look into hiring a makeup artist or hairdresser.
  6. Trust your photographer. For all of our themed shoots we have given the photographer total creative freedom. After booking them, we told them what our costumes looked like and they found the locations and came up with a game plan. All we had to do was show up.



Featured Photographers:

Family photos don't have to be a big dreaded affair. They can be as fun as you want them to be. Good luck on your quest.


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