6 of our Favourite Chapter Book Series for Emerging Readers


As Gaia started to read more fluently, I found myself struggling to find books for her to read. She wasn't quite reading at a Harry Potter level, but was starting to outgrow picture books. Here is a roundup of some series that passed our tests.

The Princess in Black

by: Shannon & Dean Hale
Illustrated by: LeUyen Pham


What we love:

Large Print, strong female role models, lots of pictures


The Princess in Black is a great stepping stone into the world of novels. It is a fun beginner series. We don't often find books with strong female role models and enjoyed this one.


Kung Pow Chicken

by: Cyndi Marko


What we love:

Goofy storyline, lots of pictures, entertaining and engaging.

These books are straight up silly (in the best way of course). They follow a second grader superhero chicken and his baby brother while they fight crime. It is written a bit like a graphic novel with a combination of paragraphs and thought bubbles. These books are suitable for young children without too many advanced words.


Little Legends

by: Tom Percival


What We Love:

Large print, friendly characters, unique storyline, few pictures.

The first book in this series was Gaia's first novel that she read by herself. The print is large with generous spacing and the odd black and white sketch. The main character Jack lives in a magical town with his friends and talking hen. The storyline is easy to follow but still very interesting- so interesting that Gaia read this novel in a couple of days when it was meant to last her a few weeks. 



by: Mitch Krpata
illustrated by: Kory Merritt


What We Love:

Entertaining characters, humorous, engaging adventure.

Graphic novels seem to be gaining popularity and for good reason. Lots of pictures and a compelling story make this a great hit for kids. Filled with adventure, this series follows 3 kids who accidentally get lost in another world and are just trying to make their way home. The wording in these books is a bit more advanced, as is the plot. If your child isn't quite at this level yet, it's a fun series to read with them.



by: Dav Pilkey


What We Love:

Unique characters, creative storyline, lots of pictures, easy to read.

Written by the creator of Captain Underpants, I think you can tell where these books are going. Goofy and creative, my daughter really enjoys them. I don't believe that every story has to teach some great moral, I think that lighting a passion for reading and storytelling is most important. These books do just that. As depicted in the photo, there is some sensitive subject matter, but I don't believe it's any more than the fighting that goes into "superhero" novels. 


Thea Stilton/ Geronimo Stilton

by: Geronimo Stilton


What We Love:

Strong role models, world travellers, lots of pictures, fun writing style.

This is a massive series and there are many of these books to choose from. The series (Thea headed by a female mouse/ Geronimo headed by a male mouse) follow mouse detectives and the adventures they undertake. These are classic easy-to-read mystery novels for emerging readers. There are some complicated words in them, and I don't think that they are quite as engaging as the other series mentioned, but still a good series. They also try to throw in random facts throughout the books.


narwhal unicorn of the sea

by: Ben Clanton


What We Love:

Informative, easy to read, cute characters.

This is a bit of a bonus since there are only 2 books in this series at the time of writing. They are really cute and lighthearted with funny characters that encourage sharing, love, and empowering others. 

Note: We also love most of Roald Dahl's works but find that they can be a bit dark so we often read them together.

Are there any series that I should add to this list?