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The Ultimate Luxury Hotel Hack for Thrifty Folk


It’s the time of year that has us all perusing the internet for warm vacations. Save yourself some money on your next vacation with this great hack!

Since I hate click-bait, I’m going to start by telling you the secret: Price Match. Now, let me explain.

Most luxury hotel brands (and many moderate hotel brands) price match. Not only do they price match, but they provide you with an additional percentage off. For example, both the Hilton and Marriott offer 25% off the lowest price.

There are some stipulations to the price match, and each hotel is different, but here are some of the basic rules for most price match/ best rate guarantees:

  • If you find a lower price online and try to price match it must be the EXACT same room, same dates, same amenities, and same currency. If the room you find is actually for a double bed, but the room that you are trying to price match has a queen, it will not count. To match currencies, most discount hotel websites have an icon you can click to change currency somewhere on the top or bottom of the page.

  • The discounted price has to be available and visible to everyone. Rates that you have to “sign in to unlock lower prices”, senior rates, AMA rates, etc don’t apply.

  • Most hotel brands reserve the right to reject the claim if the difference in price is minimal (usually if it’s less than $1)

Each hotel has it’s own process, but for the Hilton, you just call the price match centre, and they study the claim before accepting or rejecting it. It can take anywhere between 20 minutes on the phone to an hour, and you receive a verdict between then and 24 hours.

Using this procedure, I was able to save $800.00 on our stay at the Hilton. Yes, it took me 45 minutes on the phone, and a bit of time researching prices on the internet, but for those kind of savings, who can complain? We were able to stay in the absolute nicest room on the entire island of Moorea for the price of an average room in a resort. Talk about winning.

I don’t have a list of all the hotel brands that offer this service, but I recommend checking out each hotel individually to see if they do. Then, enjoy a couple of Margaritas with your savings and relax knowing that you got the best price.

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