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Peru: Puerto Inka & Paracas


At the end of our trip we spent a couple of days with my Momma and Aunty (They were born in Peru) We met at the town of Paracas and spent our time lounging on the rooftop patio and wandering the quaint streets. Paracas is known as a luxury destination close to Lima so accommodation was on the pricier side but we were able to find something mid-range for our family to enjoy.

Besides leisurely strolls on the beach and eating copious amounts of seafood, we also chose to visit Isla Ballesta, and protected island an hour's boat ride from the city. Penguins and sea lions, what's not to like?

After a morning at the island we ventured into Paracas Natural Reserve. It was roughly the same cost to hire a private driver and tour guide as it was for a cramped tour so we went with the private driver and took our time around the reserve. There are also options to rent ATVs or bike the reserve. I'm not going to lie, the ATV's looked pretty fun to drive around on.


On the way from Arequipa to Paracas we made a stop in Chala. From Chala we took a taxi to Perto Inka (a hotel and ruins about 12 km from town). Since it was off season we were able to get a bit of a deal, but the weather was cooler and we were one of only a handful of guests; in fact, one night we were the only guests.

While the ruins are no Machu Picchu, they are really incredible considering it was where the Incas used to catch and store fish. From there, they would have runners run the fish all the way to Cusco. (If you take a minute to look at a map you will see that this was a ridiculous feat). Oh to be the ruler of the Inca Empire.

Some other perks to Puerto Inka were the on-site restaurant, lounge, swimming pool, children's playground, and then campground. We were told there was also horseback riding, diving, kayaking and that it was a ridiculously fun place to mountain bike. While visiting the weather was uncooperative for these activities and the Ocean was unforgivable so we opted for a few days of exploration and relaxation.